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Psychology and the Cross
by G Emmett Carter
Psychology and the Cross Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PTC
Price: $28.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
The book that integrated the Passion of Our Lord with genuine mental health.

The keys to making the Passion more present. To the initial astonishment of Catholic moral theologians a century ago, psychology discovered to provide invaluable guidance in developing personality. In this trail-blazing book, first published in 1958, priest-educator G. Emmett Carter gathered the wisest Christian thought about psychology— showing how it can aid the Christian in: • achieving maturity • overcoming character defects • conquering emotional disorders

Fr. Carter then shows how sound psychology draws all its strength from the truths of Christianity—while an even deeper understanding of supernatural truth and the Cross can be achieved. Highlights:

  • Where the Bible itself provides us with “a blueprint for the study of man’s psychic forces”
  • Pius XII’s instructions to Christian scholars concerning the study of psychology
  • Main findings and errors of secular psychology
  • Why the Christian way is also the right psychological way
  • Original Sin: the centrality of this doctrine to understanding the psychological makeup of the individual
  • The great Christian virtue which is also “the great psychological virtue”
  • Why it is bad theology—and worse psychology—to hold up any human being as an absolute ideal
  • Our Lord as the only universal ideal of character—for everyone, in every state in life, and in every situation
  • Exactly how psychology draws strength from the truths of Christianity
  • The true meaning of self-development, in Christian terms. How some non-Christian psychologists pervert that meaning
  • Guidelines for parents and educators
  • Suicide: why it always means someone has fundamentally erred, if sane
  • How the Faith provides the only truly adequate psychological defense against despair and suicide
  • What should we present as the true ideal of “success” to young people?
  • The proper psychological (and Christian) attitudetowards fear
  • How purely materialistic psychologists destroy the only sure basis for building up the human personality
  • How Christianity gives the answer not only to the question of life’s end, but also to its conduct as the means to that end
  • Did a sex-obsessed Freud have any real insights?
  • How your unconscious mind operates
  • How, in seeking the full development of our human potentialities we seek also the fullness of Christ, the perfect man
  • Two dangers in the training of youth
  • The difference between rebellion and healthy selfassertion
  • How rebellion leads to neuroses and psychoses
  • Punishment, a part of a truly Christian education


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