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The Sunday Epistles and Gospels
by Msgr. Patrick Boylan
The Sunday Epistles and Gospels Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 1929291159
Price: $49.90
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Now in one beautiful volume!

Msgr. Boylan’s acclaimed twin commentaries on Scripture readings.

Inspiration for priests and ordinary Mass-goers. Considered one of the finest Scripture scholars of his day, Msgr. Patrick Boylan was best known for his popular commentaries on the Sunday Epistles and Gospels, published in two volumes in 1941. For years they were heavily employed by priests as inspiration for preaching, and by laymen seeking to get more out of the readings at Mass. Now, they're back in print in this handsome two-in-one volume, which presents:

  • The Epistle and Gospel readings for every Sunday of the year
  • Extensive "Notes" on each reading (numbered verse-by-verse)
  • “"Thoughts for Preaching" -- at least three for every reading, sometimes as many as a dozen

“While the work has chiefly in view the needs of preachers," writes Msgr. Boylan with priestly understatement, "it is hoped that others ... may find it spiritually helpful.” His book brims with unique features:

  • The translation of each Epistle and Gospel is made directly from the Greek, to stimulate fresh insights and clarify precise meanings (a valuable corrective to today’s loose translations)
  • Line-by-line commentaries on the readings provide historical context, explain symbols and obscure references, resolve linguistic difficulties (many raised triumphantly by the modernists), and point to other relevant passages in both Old and New Testaments.
  • On disputed points of scholarship and interpretation, the one favored by official Catholic teaching is presented, with reference to Church documents and other definitive sources
  • Instead of supplying ready-made sermons, the “Thoughts for Preaching” draw out moral and spiritual lessons, highlight doctrinal significance, and suggest applications to everyday life and to timely issues
  • For each Gospel reading: corresponding passages in other Gospels are listed

“Should be of the greatest service ... in studying the liturgical lessons for preaching. ... Not only is the utmost meaning extracted with the scholar’s feeling for fine shades of language, but the environment and the circumstances of each Gospel episode are made clear.” -- The Tablet

"Comments on the Sunday epistles and gospels in the way we would expect of a Scripture scholar -- the way we could recommend to all preachers who are not content with mere moralizing. He clarifies the readings by translating them directly from the Greek into English, then by adding the most essential exegetical and historical notes to each .... Each set of comments then has its thoughts for preaching. Fortunately ... the comments, like the ‘thoughts,’ are helps to preachers who write their own sermons, not ready-made discourses for those who have surrendered their intellectual independence.” -- Orate Fratres

Hardcover Two volumes in one -- 560 pages

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