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The Mass Explained to Children
Dr. Maria Montessori’s most valuable book

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Every conceivable element of the traditional Latin Mass unfolds before the eyes of children 8 to 15 in this masterpiece. The author: famed educator Maria Montessori. She employs abundant illustrations—36 in all— to explain:

  • The Meaning of the Mass
  • What Is Necessary for the Mass
  • Introduction to the Mass
  • The Mass of the Catechumens
  • The Mass of the Faithful

    These chapter headings hint at the richness of detail in the best book on the Mass ever written for older children:

  • Famous Eucharistic miracles
  • History of the Mass
  • Why we fast for Communion
  • Liturgical colors have meaning
  • Meaning of the altar…altar cloths…crucifix and candles
  • Sacred vessels, bells, incense—all the items used at Mass explained
  • Why we do more than watch when Mass is under way
  • Meaning/origin of: Sign of the Cross, sacrifice, the priest’s whisperings
  • Meaning of key prayers (Credo, Kyrie, Gloria, Confiteor, etc.)
  • Why is so much silence required at Mass?
  • Explained: the priest’s motions (e.g., keeping thumb and forefinger together after the consecration)

    “We want our children to love the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Love proceeds from knowledge: you can only love what you know. The Catechism teaches us that our purpose in life is to know, love and serve God. It is only if you know God, that you can love Him. In The Mass Explained to Children, Maria Montessori gives young readers the knowledge from which a love for the Mass can grow.”

    —Laura Berquist, Homeschool Specialist

    36 illustrations adorn the text


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