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Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith
by Cardinal Joseph Ratziner now Pope Benedict XVI
Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 0898709636
Price: $17.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
The choicest selection of his most readable, most important, and most critical writings Compiled by the students of the new Pope.

In 2002 to celebrate then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s 75th birthday, a group of his former students selected essays, lectures, letters, and conferences that the Pope had written in recent years and gathered them together in this hefty and important new volume. Here His Holiness does lay out nothing less than the basis of theology for Catholics.

Pope Benedict Speaks

"The new ideological form of dialogue, which unfortunately has found its way even within the Catholic Church and into certain theological and cultural spheres, aims at relativizing 'dogma'—this is the opposite of 'conversion' and 'mission'."

"The essential yardstick has just emerged of its own accord: that of being rooted in the faith of the Church. Anyone who does not share the apostolic faith cannot claim to do apostolic work."

"Now, almost all divisions will straightaway be justified on the grounds of faith. Establishing whether or not this is well founded is the first question of ecumenism. As we have shown, it looks for the nontheological factors producing division. But the allegation that someone else is ascribing to God what he himself has invented can only become a shared conviction in the case of some of the questions facing us. The really hard cases of division are only those in which one or more of the parties is convinced that they are not defending their own ideas but are standing by what they have received from revelation and cannot therefore manipulate."

"The Church is there so that God, the living God, may be made known—so that man may learn to with God, live in his sight and in fellowship with him. The Church is there to prevent the advance of hell upon earth…."

"I was thankful and rejoiced when the 1958 synod moved the concept of ‘communion’ to center stage. Yet the years that followed showed how no term is completely safe from misunderstanding, not even the best and the most profound. In the same measure as ‘communion’ became the current buzzword, its meaning was distorted and rendered superficial."

"A living testimony to [Pope Benedict’s] lifelong labors on behalf of the communion of the Church, which is rooted in the love of Christ. No one demonstrates better…that the Church’s tradition is a living and dynamic reality, born of a truth that everyone can know and love— and, in doing so, be transformed." —George Weigel, author of Witness to Hope

Quality sewn softcover, with full color cover

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