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Papal Legislation on Sacred Music
by Msgr Robert F. Hayburn
Papal Legislation on Sacred Music Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 0814610129
Price: $69.75
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
When the late Monsignor Robert F. Hayburn's Papal Legislation on Sacred Music: 95 A.D. to 1977 A.D. first appeared, reviewer Michael Callaghan stated in Clergy Review:

"To my knowledge no more complete documentation of papal legislation on sacred music exists this superb...volume."

Common today are guitar Masses...hymns with banal music and even more banal "performances" during the Consecration. But what is the Church's traditional thinking and its rules on sacred music? This important book, first published nearly 30 years ago, answers these questions definitively. In fact, we will go so far as to say: You can't talk intelligently about Church music without it.

Monsignor Hayburn was well qualified to put together this massive 600-plus page history of papal documents on sacred music. Noted as a scholar of liturgical music, he was an organist, composer, and parish priest. From 1957 to 1979 he was director of music for the archdiocese of San Francisco. Over the years he taught at the University of San Francisco, the College of the Holy Names, and Catholic University of America. "The purpose of this work," he tells us in his Preface, "was to locate, translate, and place in historical context the documents of papal legislation on Church music."

“Church musicians, musicologists, and historians should be profoundly grateful for this splendid, well-organized fund of knowledge. Librarians should welcome Papal Legislation and make it available to Church musicians everywhere. We pray that this fruit of patient research will meet with a very wide and grateful acceptance.”-Worship

"To my knowledge no more complete documentation of papal legislation on sacred music exists than is contained in this superb, recently published volume by Msgr. Hayburn of California....To the church musician and liturgist this book will read like a novel, for the characteristics of each era reveal the social conditions obtaining at the time.

Documentation and original correspondence abound, the result of lengthy research by the author in the Vatican Library and at the Abbey of Solesmes. The numerous appendices categorize all decrees on sacred music made by the Congregation of Sacred Rites and stress their binding force. It is hard to understand the apparent present-day disregard of this legislation.”—Clergy Review

“Unique, as far as I know, in the English language. It is a tool for scholars interested in church music as well as the part the Church has played through this legislation in shaping the development of the art of music in general.”—Sacred Music

Appendices and special features

  • 12 pages of "historically noteworthy" (Worship) photos
  • Classification of Papal documents
  • Recent (as of the late 70s) documents on sacred music
  • Notes on Cardinal Sarto's Votum of 1893
  • Decrees and responses of the Congregation of Sacred Rites
  • Ceremonial of Bishops
  • 26-page bibliography. Massive index
  • 646 page hardcover, limited edition big 6-1/2" x 9-5/8" size

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