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by H. W. Crocker, III
Triumph Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 0761516042
Price: $19.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
“Engaging, provocative, and eminently readable.” —WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY JR.

“I used to think that the history of the Catholic Church was the greatest story never told. But it’s been told now—in Triumph— with all the verve, aggression, and even humor of John Wayne in The Quiet Man. This is rock solid history—delivered with a rock solid punch—and is the most essential Catholic book since The Catechism of the Catholic Church (though it’s a lot more fun to read). Buy it and enjoy.”—Sean Hannity, Fox News

“A biting, unapologetic romp through Church history, that debunks some long held myths and celebrates the glory of the Catholic Faith. A much needed triumph.”—Raymond Arroyo, EWTNews Director

“H. W. Crocker III has indeed brought about a triumph with his concise and informative history. Here is a book for the general reader that provides a grand view of the Church’s progress through time. Triumph is a book that will strengthen the faith of Catholics and give others an exciting and complete account of two millennia of the Catholic Church. Magnificent!—Ralph McInerny, Professor of Medieval Studies, University of Notre Dame

“The best short history of the Church in English since the Second Vatican Council. The clear, breezy prose written in a novelistic style makes an unapologetic apologetic for the claim of the Catholic Church to be truly one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. It is the ideal introduction for the neophyte who wants to learn the history of the Church in all its divine splendor, without ignoring the failings of its human element.”—Fr. C. J. McCloskey III, Opus Dei

“Harry Crocker is always politically incorrect as he reveals the good side of the Borgias, the Spanish Inquisition, and Mexican dictator Diaz, propelling us through two millennia with wit and insight. While irreverent to man, his reverence to God is never questioned in a mustread for non-Catholics as well as Catholics.”—Robert Novak, columnist and commentator

“A convert to Catholicism from Anglicanism, Crocker has produced an exhaustive, thoroughly sourced narrative which reflects his love for his chosen faith.”—Publishers Weekly

“Written in a breezy style, this sweeping chronicle effectively condenses and communicates the intricate history of one of the world’s most complex and intriguing institutions....With the fervent ardor of the true convert, the author, a former Anglican, conducts the reader on a remarkable 2,000-year odyssey of the Catholic faith....Epic in scope and featuring a vividly drawn cast of saints, sinners, and martyrs, this eminently readable account provides a compelling overview of the often-controversial history of Catholicism.” —Booklist

“Relying on the historical record, argues that the Church succeeds and prospers not by succumbing to political correctness or the fashions of the day but by being true to itself and its tradition…. You will have difficulty putting [Triumph] down.” —David Limbaugh

Extra large quality softcover

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