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Where the Right Went Wrong
by Patrick J Buchanan
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Code: 0312341156
Price: $24.95
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Calling the conservative movement back to sanity—and to its Christian roots, too.

Despite President Bush's gratifying victory over a pro-abortion, leftist Catholic named John Kerry, famed columnist and TV commentator Pat Buchanan has a gripe: "True conservatives are not getting a hearing," he told the New York Times. His latest bestseller, Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency sets the record straight on these and many other issues:

The Neoconservatives

"Ranking his political preferences, [Bill] Kristol [said], 'I will take Bush over Kerry, but Kerry over Buchanan.'...As John Kerry supported partial-birth abortion, quotas, raising taxes, civil unions, liberals on the Supreme Court, and has a voting record to the left of Teddy Kennedy, how can Kristol prefer him to other conservatives? Answer: Iraq and Israel....The neoconservatives are not really conservatives at all. They are impostors and opportunists.

Judges and the Congress's Abdication of Power

"How did it happen that a republic born of a rebellion against a king and parliament we did not elect has fallen under a tyranny of judges we did not elect?

Religion and Politics

"Where LBJ funded community groups to build a power base in the cities independent of mayors, George W. Bush plans to fund God's Pork for 'faith-based' groups to enable Republicans to get a foot in the church door by making the pastor dependent on federal dollars."

Conservatives and Conservatism

"There is no conservative party left in Washington. Conservative thinkers and writers who were to be the watchdogs of orthodoxy have been as vigilant in policing party deviations from principle as was Cardinal Law in collaring the predator-priests of the Boston archdiocese."

Praise from a reliable reviewer: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. in Latin Mass "The conservatism of yesteryear, whatever its faults, was the product of serious men and serious thought. It is impossible to imagine such conservative luminaries of yesteryear as Russell Kirk, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, and Richard Weaver supporting the juvenile jingoism of the twenty-and thirtysomething lightweights who dominate the movement now. Still less would they have accepted the suggestion that objecting to the leftist utopianism of the neoconservatives made them 'unpatriotic.'..."Older conservatives wrote books that we still read and profit from today…The architects of and apologists for a distinctly un-conservative foreign policy, on the other hand, produce forgettable collections of platitudes whose brief if flashy shelf life is followed by their rapid and merciful consignment to oblivion. Thankfully, such will not be the fate of this wise—albeit controversial—book.


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