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Discovering the Camino de Santiago

Third Printing Available Before Thanksgiving
(Spanish Edition ALSO Available)

"What an enjoyable, insightful, enriching journey….The beautiful universal insights and lessons in this gem help us all realize how to live a blessed pilgrimage in life’s journey too."
National Catholic Register

A month of walking
through Spain?

But no ordinary month—this was the fabled pilgrimage to the Tomb of St. James.

If Fr. Gregory Markey can do it, well, you can too. At least from your armchair.

A priest-pastor chronicles the month-long life and times of a pilgrim, in a delightful yet sober account, as he endures, and enjoys, the much-celebrated Camino de Santiago. This peaceful journey—Web-free, phone-free, and TV-free—generated an astonishing array of brief but meaty spiritual reflections. Roman Catholic Books asked Fr. Markey to put the writings into this book.

Fr. Markey did not conceal his priesthood, choosing on the contrary to wear the traditional Roman collar. And, unsurprisingly, the resulting conversation with pilgrims was serious… reflective… practical. But there was also plenty of private time along the 500-mile trail for Fr. Markey, a 41-year-old pastor of St. Mary's in Norwalk, Connecticut.

  • Dealing with discomfort, with Scripture always in mind
  • Balancing human concerns when suffering with God's purpose for you
  • The requirements of a pilgrimage, and how they bring out the best in people
  • Practical concerns, for those pondering long pilgrimages How to fit a prayer life perfectly into a pilgrimage
  • What not to bring, in your mind and in your backpack
  • The magnetic pull of Mass, even on such a trip
  • How to acquire genuine perspective and distinguish its counterfeit

Foreword by Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne/South Bend, Indiana

Hand-sized, quality color softcover


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The Bible for the Sick

New Title

Beautiful Hardcover Edition, $19.95

Compiled by the saintly founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Antoine Ozanam, and available for the first time in decades in a reprint edition of library quality.

"Extremely valuable compendium of Bible passages for the seriously ill."
--Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro, Rome Director, Human Life International


  • All the key Scripture passages for the sick or dying, both Old and New Testatment. The same book the author used himself. Detailed 4-page table of contents takes you directly to favorite passages, chapter and verse.
  • First chapter outlines Catholic teaching on sickness, death and dying.
  • Stirring Twin-Prefaces by Montalembert and translator Fr. Joseph Bruneau.


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The Dark Night of the Body

New Title

What are we supposed to "do" with the "theology of the body"?

A leading Catholic laywoman outlines the right approach--and the wrong approach

From the preface to this important new book by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, words of comfort and advice from a noted Catholic ethicist:

"I have read with care this book by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, and have admired, once again, qualities found in her other works: a depth of thought and clarity joined to simple style; a full understanding of substance joined to beauty of exposition...

Dr. von Hildebrand does not limit herself to diagnosis. She offers many suggestions also for therapy. I will limit myself to drawing attention to one of these: it is not Christian compassion to accept the error in which a person may have fallen. This has been a constant in the ethical tradition of the Church, expressed in St. Augustine’s famous affirmation: "interficere errorem, amare errantem." Hate the sin, love the sinner.

I wish every success to this book, for the reader will reap spiritual benefits from it."
- Carlo Cardinal Caffarra Archbishop of Bologna


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Reflections from Rome

New Title

Practical Thoughts on Faith & Family

A brand new title, Reflections from Rome , by Msgr. Richard Soseman, who provides food for thought on hundreds of topics of interest to young people who are in their late teens beginning to think about how to live their faith.

“Like Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, for whose Cause of Beatification and Canonization he has labored, Monsignor Richard Soseman has sought to use modern means of communication in the service of the new evangelization. In these reflections, originally written as web logs, he draws on his experiences as a priest both in rural Illinois and in Rome to convey the truths of the Catholic faith in an accessible and appealing manner. May those who read the present collection of reflections be inspired and encouraged in their daily living of the Catholic faith.”
- Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Vatican City


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Dietrich von Hildebrand and Edith Stein: Husserl's Students

New Booklet

Noted Catholic author, lecturer and philosopher Alice von Hildebrand has taken on the task of briefly profiling these two great 20th century Catholics, using as her point of reference the memoirs of each. In the case of her late husband Dietrich von Hildebrand, she is the only person who has read his memoirs in their entirety. This, and her life as his wife, make Dietrich von Hildebrand and Edith Stein: Husserl’s Students a study like no other.


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The Chapel Veil

Newly Reissued

Fifty years ago almost every Catholic woman and girl owned a chapel veil.

Yet with their disappearance the Church lost a lovely symbol for womanhood. Elizabeth Black and Emily Sparks explain the theology, history, tradition and symbolism of the chapel veil and give today’s Catholic woman a reason to wear one once again.


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A Confederacy of Evil

What did Cardinal Newman see that nobody else did, 150 years ago?

Signs of the End Times--which he recounted in four masterful sermons

In these sermons, together with an introduction by the late Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J.--whose book, The Antichrist, remains the standard contemporary popular reference--Cardinal Newman:

  • warned about innovators within the Church who would relax not only Christian moral norms, but our forms of worship;
  • cautioned against anti-authority ideologies, which by now have overtaken virtually all of the Western world;
  • noted the developing conditions for the open denial of God and routine blaspheming of Christ
  • compared ancient ransacking of churches with prophecies of future anti-Christian rage and persecution


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Diary of a Country Mother

A mother's worst fear: the death of her child. Cindy Montanaro lived that nightmare when her adopted son Tim died in 2005. Some months later she "started a year-long journey of prayer, meditation and writing. I envisioned an extended period of time in which to record, before memory failed me, all of the little humorous and profound incidents that made up my son Tim's short life."

With faith, tenderness, and humor, Cindy Montanaro's deft hand brings to life the delight and tragedy of Tim's time on earth. "Tim saw Christ's image in everyone he met, not with a conscious vision, but with the instinct of the heart."

"I really, really enjoyed this book and finished it with my soul filled with more joy and confidence in the Lord than when I began reading it."

See full review on the Humble Handmaid blog


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Dachau: Christ the Victor

New Title

$5.95 Booklet, based upon our hardcover book by Fr. John Lenz, CHRIST IN DACHAU

This booklet summarizes the contents of an extraordinary book by Dachau survivor Fr. John Lenz. When the book was first published, Archbishop Michael Buchberger of Germany said:

“I have just been reading Christ in Dachau—the most shattering, but at the same time uplifting book I have read in my life. This book proves to us that the spirit of Faith and Love and the readiness to make the supreme sacrifice which inspired the early Christians is still alive today, among both priests and laity."

Download the entire booklet free online or order the print edition or the hardcover book itself.


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Looking Toward The Priesthood

"Provides much useful advice to young men..."

—Cardinal Raymond L. Burke

In six searching chapters, major topics confronting serious young Catholic men are explored... answers provided... dozens of the most significant Scripture passages for young men provided...uplifting notes sounded... and means of prayerful meditation explained.

How many young men have heard practical considerations like:

  • The Sign of a Vocation
  • Obstacles in the Way
  • An Honor Beyond All Honors
  • "But I Have Chosen You!"
  • Overcoming the World
  • Our Enemy, the World


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Out of Stock

Christ in Dachau

Forgotten Priests in a Nazi Hellhole

Dachau concentration camp held the largest number of Catholic priests—more than 2400—in the Nazi camp system. They came from two dozen countries, from every background—parish priests and prelates, monks and friars, teachers and missionaries. Over one-third were killed.

Among the survivors was Fr. Johannes Lenz, who was asked by his superiors to write an account of what he saw. This book was the stunning result. An immediate sensation, it was quickly translated into English, French, Spanish and Italian. Catholic reviewers and churchmen alike were awestruck.


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Common fallacies about Purgatory are cleared up in a book that liberated many a struggling Catholic half a century ago. In 1949, this English translation of Fr. Martin Jugie’s acclaimed book -- which had gone through seven editions in France -- was greeted as a much-needed corrective to popular fallacies about Purgatory, many of which continue to cloud the faith of good Catholics. Chief among those fallacies, writes Fr. Jugie, is that Purgatory is kind of “temporary” Hell, its pains differing only in duration. From this follows many other errors that can lead us seriously astray in our conduct and in our prayer lives.


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The Apocalypse Explained

The Training of the Will

The Secret of Dreams

Check out this video on YouTube:

The Time of Mercy
by Steven Terenzio
(Steven Terenzio is a teacher at Trinity Catholic in Connecticut, former headmaster of Montfort Academy in New York, and has been with Catholic Media Apostolate for 20 years.)

FREE Download

Living Latin In Rome
by James McGlone

FREE Download

Letter From Rome
October 7, 2015
by Roger A. McCaffrey

FREE Download

Courting Reverence:
Why Has the Courtroom Retained the Reverence the Mass Has Lost?

By Rev. Paul D. Scalia

FREE Download

A Periodic Exclusive For Roman Catholic Books Readers

Fr. Bisig's Mass
by Duncan Maxwell Anderson

FREE Download

(Duncan Maxwell Anderson is the ex-editor of Success Magazine and was founding editor of Faith & Family Magazine.)

A Periodic Exclusive For Roman Catholic Books Readers

FREE Download

Lost Horizons
FREE Download

FREE Download
"Since its founding in 1981, the not-for-profit organization Roman Catholic Books has been dedicated especially to making available important Catholic books. One of the services pro- the re-printing of Catholic works which have been out of print, [and] Roman Catholic Books also publishes new titles, and is distinguished form other Catholic publishing houses in its willingness to print titles which are considered to attract too narrow an audience to be profitable. The books produced by Roman Catholic Books are created with care, printed on quality paper and with enduring covers."--Cardinal Raymond Burke

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Catholic Media Apostolate
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Click here to read Pope's Benedict's Motu Proprio and Accompanying Letter on the Traditional Latin Mass  (PDF File)

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